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Things to do

How to enjoy Sakae

There are many ways to enjoy Sakae is rich in nature!
You can enjoy trekking, bird watching, autumn leaves hunting, skiing, etc. all year round.
  • Walk in the mountains, in the forest

    The nature of Sakae is not boring just by walking.
    You can enjoy it with or without purpose.
    • Shinetsu Trail

      The Sekida Mountains, located on the prefectural border between Nagano and Niigata, are located at an altitude of around 1,000 m.
      It is a rare long trail in Japan with a total length of 80 km extending almost above the ridge.
      This mountain range, which is rich in nature and nurtured in beech forests, was once a key point of transportation connecting Shinano and Echigo
      There are 16 mountain passes, salt and seafood are carried from Echigo Uchiyama Japanese Paper and rapeseed oil are carried Shinano
      It is said that Sengoku Period Kenshin Uesugi crossed the pass with tens of thousands of soldiers during Battles of Kawanakajima
      There is also a doorway behind this facility, which is the only doorway directly connected to the hot springs on Shinetsu Trail
  • Mountains and rivers, strange terrain

    Sakae began the famous Mt Naeba, wild Mt. Torikabuto called the second of Mt Tanigawa, there is a Mt. Saburyu to enjoy the nature that is not through the hands of the people, the river has a maximum of Chikuma River Japan flow.
    Sakae, which was created in the valley between the mountain and the river, is full of surprises.
    • Geopark Geosite

      Geopark is a word that literally means "park of the earth".
      The topography and geology that can observe the formation of the earth, the ecosystem that was nurtured there,
      Enjoy learning while preserving the history and culture of our ancestors
      Geopark is a place where you can think about the whole earth.
      Sakae, which is known as one of the most snowy areas in Japan,
      The nostalgic mountain village landscape and the landscape of the earth still remain,
      You can touch the landscape such as terrain and outcrops called Geosite
  • Nature walk

    Sakae is one of the most special heavy snowfall areas in the world, but due to the hot inland climate in summer, it is the southern limit of many creatures and plants, and in the northern limit, its diversity nurtures endangered species and rare animals and plants. ..
    • Bird watching・ ・ ・Dollarbird

      It flies to Japan as a summer bird Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and migrates to the south in winter.
      It is designated as a village bird in Sakae Village and inhabits the area around Nonomi Plateau
      With a total length of 30 cm, the feathers on the head and tail feathers are black, and the body is covered with glossy green feathers.
      There are white spots on the primary feathers, which stand out when flying.
      The beak is large and red, and the legs are also red.
      In recent years, the number of individuals has decreased nationwide,
      It is designated as an endangered species in the Red Data Book of the Ministry of the Environment
      *If you would like to know more about the observation, please contact Sakae.
  • Ski resort in one of Japan's most special heavy snowfall areas

    The ski resort in Sakae
    3 minutes by car from the national highway.However, it is a fulfilling course from advanced to beginners.It's snowing so much that I don't know the line I slipped before.Lift tickets are also cheap, and waiting for a lift is rarely crowded.All good things.
    Children's ski classes (reservation required) are also available, so you can safely leave your child with an instructor.
    You can relax and enjoy yourself at home.Please ski hard from morning to night.
  • Sakae Village International Picture Letter Time Capsule Museum

    • 5 minutes by car from Tomatonokuni

      How to spend between April 24th and November 30th,
      Yamaji Tomoe Museum 10th anniversary of the opening of the Picture Letter Museum in Sakae.
      This year. "Tomoe's Cherry Bloosoms and Castle, Rotating Seasons, After Dreaming"
      The works of cherry blossoms and castles that have been drawn so far will be exhibited.
      It's a very big work, and it seems that you will be drawn into the world of picture letters.